The influence of technology

Technology: It is all around us and the form it takes is ever changing.

A large percentage of everyday items are now controlled by a computer and bring promise to make our lives both easier and more efficient than before.

Tech brings joy to our lives in so many ways; look at the way we store our online personalities.

A series of tweets informing the world of the latest events in your real world story, a collection of heavily filtered photos of what you’ve eaten and then the string of unflattering selfies you have sent to your friends.

Could you imagine a world without the tech that makes storing your life in such a unique way possible? These seem like a distant memory and much darker times to our generation. See: 2018 Technology Use.

In modern society, you can easily divide people up with their attitudes towards Tech. These include the technophiles (those who focus on the benefits of technology), the technophobes (those who fear new technologies) and those who are indifferent (the middle ground).

These groups can also be generally classed by age with younger generations slanting towards technophiles and the older generations moving towards technophobia.

The voice of Technology

With so much new technology coming onto the market is hard to keep up. With the Internet and so many opinions it’s hard to know who to trust and what to believe. Their tech news sites tech magazines;the Internet is literally littered with advice and help. But who to believe?

If you look closely number of summer tech blogs are either written by journalists or bloggers. Neither of these categories fall into what you would deem expert. If you’re looking for serious advice then   it is perhaps best to go to company or tech business blogs that spell out exactly what is new what is good and what you should be buying. We also recommend

What is it that makes people both obsessed and opposed to Tech?

Speaking as a self-described technophile, I have a desire for the latest and greatest device. It has a certain appeal in that it can do more for me, and occasionally it’s a talking point with people.

Isn’t that what new tech is supposed to be for? Helping you in ways that you didn’t even know you needed help in and connecting you with others? See top 10 technology breakthroughs.

New devices and technologies should be seen as friend, not foe, and we shouldn’t be afraid of them. I’m not saying everyone should have the same feelings and opinions as me, how boring would that be?

I am merely saying that just look at all the ways it makes your life easier; just think about the crippling pain your hands are spared from by writing those several thousand word essays on a computer and how you can organise your real world social life in a virtual world.

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