The Benefits of Business Centres

Ideal for smaller enterprises

Large companies frequently use serviced office space for geographically dispersed operations such as service and sales offices. They also use them to “feel out” a new market area without making a long-term investment in space and personnel.

More often, smaller enterprises are attracted to business centres. Start-up companies take advantage of them, as do consultants, lawyers, and business that wish to limit their investment in support services, at least temporarily without relinquishing such services entirely. Looking for an office in Surrey?


What services can you expect from most business centres? You can generally expect to have your telephone answered and messages taken; mail pick-up and delivery; a centralized reception area and receptionist; and scheduled use of a boardroom.

Serviced offices also offer a broad range of other services in various combinations. These include secretarial and word processing, copying, faxes, audio-visual equipment, office supplies and storage.

Most business centres will also offer a daily cleaning service, which may be included in your rent every month. Typical cleaning services include washrooms, kitchens, hoovering, window washing and mopping. Find out about office cleaning in Crawley.

The business centre concept is also used to advantage by individuals who merely want an impressive address with phone and mail service with infrequent use of an office or boardroom. Modified programs of this sort are sometimes available on a month-to-month basis.

Try to visualise having office space in a desirably located building on an “as needed” basis. See London Business Centres.

What’s included in your monthly budget?

Now visualise that your monthly payments include rates, service charge, electricity, and cleaning as well as furniture, receptionist and secretarial services. Also imagine having access to a complete array of modern office equipment and all the support services needed to conduct your business.

In broad terms, these are the features of business centres or serviced offices.