Ideal for smaller enterprises Large companies frequently use serviced office space for geographically dispersed operations such as service and sales offices. They also use them to “feel out” a new market area without making a long-term investment in space and personnel. More often, smaller enterprises are attracted to business centres.Read More →

Right now in America, 3,108 people sit in 6-foot cells waiting to die. The finality of the death sentence brings with it the assertion that the lives of these convicts, predominantly men, are entirely worthless. Yet on average, the lengthy bureaucratic process will allow their condemned existences to continue absurdlyRead More →

The topic of rape is one of the most sensitive. It is kind of hard to even talk about it. It is something that people try to ignore, because there is always not enough power for girls to protect themselves and, moreover it is so shameful to admit it andRead More →

Pippa Adler, added: “Social media tends to make people reckless like there are a lot of people who are very quick to support a hashtag or share a viral video, only to later find out that they don’t agree with the maker of these things.” Feminism recently took a knockRead More →

Realistically we could have a long way to go: AI has been an emerging field with an idealistic future since its conception. In his book, Supertineglirence Nick Bostrom from the Oxford Martin School’s Future of Humanity Institute cites the probability of reaching human-level machine intelligence as 10% by 2022, 50%Read More →

Industry heads muse on the potential threat of AI We’re not quite at the point of Skynet seeking to destroy us all, we are however living through a period that sees artificial intelligence increasing in not just its power but also in intelligence: that time you swore at Siri forRead More →