Man on death row

In maintaining the principle of taking an ‘eye for an eye’ those states of the American south that continue to champion the death penalty is suffering from a disillusionment that to kill the killer, is an equal exchange for the devastation of his crime, when even to make him suffer in conditions such as those of death row only adds to the human suffering caused all around.
Maybe in a system that allows men to become their crimes, it is possible to sympathise with the death penalty. Yes, we all want the execution of murder itself and in point of fact, rape with it. But the execution of human beings is not the same.

Perhaps we have to accept that the true devastation of a crime like murder, for which death row inmates are convicted, is in its irrevocability. Troubled by the fact that we are powerless to restore the damage of such a crime, some desperately seek to perpetuate it with more death.

If killing people seems illogical to you, Lifelines and the anti-death penalty campaign of the amnesty offer an alternative that is worth considering, and moreover is not a solution limited to the often corrupt actions of structural bureaucracy, but really concerns us. Quite simply, we could try to understand people.
This is why it is advisable to plan having life/health insurance as it can be very helpful for these exact situations as it can have a great impact emotionally but also financially on people you are around especially family.